Why should I study MBBS abroad?

Well, students choose to study in abroad destination for various reasons like no entrance examination, low tuition fee, low cost of living, an international exposure and so on.

The procedure of medical admission in abroad is very easy and simple. Apart from that, we provide guidance for study MBBS abroad for Indian students.

Do you want to know the benefits behind study MBBS abroad for Indian student? We can help you in choosing the best medical college for your future education. We will help you in choosing the best country, programs and college as per your requirements.



  • We have 9+ years of experience of recruiting students to Bangladesh For MBBS.
  • The Teaching and Learning System in Bangladesh is Similar to India.
  • Books, Study Material and Courses are also Similar to India.
  • Climatic Condition of Bangladesh is similar to India.
  • Bangladesh Has EXCLUSIVE GIRLS Colleges and Hostel.
  • 3rd year onwards The Students Get the practical knowledge by examining patient.
  • The Internship completed in Bangladesh is Accepted in India.
  • Many Colleges has on campus Hostel for its students. That means Students does not need to walk in and out of the campus.
  • 100% Students from Bangladesh Clears FMGE Exam in India.
  • We have our own office in Bangladesh and our team is present to cater the needs of students.


  • Dhaka National Medical College
  • Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
  • Add Din Women’s College
  • ZH Sikder Women's Medical College
  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • MH Samorita Medical College
  • Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College
  • Ad-Din Sakina Medical College
  • BGC Trust Medical College
  • City Medical College
  • US Bangla Medical College
  • Popular Medical College
  • Southern Medical College

Why is studying MBBS in Bangladesh is better than other countries?

1. Admission process is very simple and there is no entrance exam for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh. Admissions are based on Class 12 result and there is no donation required to be paid for admission.

2. The teaching and learning system in Bangladesh is similar to India and the syllabus is similar to India - while the teaching and learning system in other countries is completely different from India and the syllabus is also different.

3. MBBS degree conferred in Bangladesh consist of all 18 subjects - while in other countries MD degree is given in which five to six subjects are taught.

4. After studying in Bangladesh, you get a stipend for internship. Further internships done in Bangladesh are valid in India - while after studying in other countries you do not get stipend for internship and internships done in other countries are not valid in India.

5. Eating in Bangladesh (halal) is exactly like in India - while in other countries it is difficult to get food like India.

6. Diseases and medical treatment system of people in Bangladesh is similar to India while diseases and medical treatment system of people in other countries are different from India.

7. The climate of Bangladesh is also like our country - while the climate in other countries is cold and the temperature stays in minus for 6 months.

8. While studying in Bangladesh, it costs only Rs. 9,000 a year to travel to Ahmedabad / Mumbai. Thus, it costs only Rs. 45,000 in five years, while in other countries it costs Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year.

9. There are medical colleges for only girls in Bangladesh while there are no medical colleges for only girls in other countries.

10. In Bangladesh, there are no baddies like alcohol, drugs, pubs as all these are prohibited there while in other countries baddies like alcohol, drugs, pubs are seen openly.

11. Bangladesh has an Islamic atmosphere as it is a Muslim country whereas in other countries it is difficult to find an Islamicatmosphere as all these countries are Christian Catholic countries.

12. In Bangladesh, only students with 60% or above percentage in PCB get admission. This gives the same atmosphere as first-class student while in other countries, only 50% marks get admission, only second-class student the atmosphere is met.

13. After doing MBBS in Bangladesh, 42% students pass the FMGE (MCI) exam in the first trial only, while in 2nd trial 100% students pass the exam. while in other countries after doing the exam, only 15% to20% students pass 60% students can become doctors by passing the exam.

14. The system of examination in Bangladesh is the same as in India while in other countries it is different from India.

15. From the third year of study in Bangladesh, the patient gets direct examination by students (practical knowledge) and the number of patients here is also higher, so the practical knowledge is more. While in other countries the patient is not given direct examination by student’s Practical knowledge is low.

16. Culture in Bangladesh same as India, Food habits also same, Language spoken in Bangladesh English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu same as India.

17. For Indian registration Number doctors require to seat on FMGE Screening Test. After MBBS study from Bangladesh 99.99% student pass-out MCI screening test which is computer based online Test (CBT)

18. MBBS in Bangladesh IS best alternative Low cost Medical Study Outside India Affordable Medical Study at Low Package for Middle Class Family Best Option for MBBS BDS, MD/MS Study outside India

19. Separate hostel for boys and girls ( not in Georgia Ukraine or Russia )Few only Girl's college also available.

20. Low travelling cost from India. Train and Bus service available from Kolkata to Dhaka and Chittagong.

Popular Countries

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