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Europe is a unique region of the world due to its cultural diversity and its shared economic market. Since the birth of the European Union there has been a continued effort to further integrate member countries. This effort, along with the general trend of globalization, has created a strong focus on higher education taught in a common language – English. While at one point in time it would have been difficult for an international student to pursue a university degree in a country where they don’t speak the language, it is now entirely possible and becoming a common occurrence.

In Europe, there are thousands of universities and tens of thousands of English-language study programmes available. There are classes in everything from the arts to zoology, as well as courses at big international research institutions and tiny, cosy universities, as well as cutting-edge academic research programmes and practice-oriented classroom instruction. Everyone can find something here!

Studying in a European city is advantageous for your future profession because their student populations are frequently numerous and diverse. This gives the graduate student a chance to experience more of life and provides great networking opportunities. Employers are aware of the outstanding calibre of European higher education institutions, which can undoubtedly aid you in pursuing your career goals.

While some European nations provide top-notch, internationally recognised education, a booming economy, and up to two years of post-study work authorization, others provide cutting-edge research and technological education. Then there are nations known for their education in architecture, design, and fashion, as well as those for their hospitality and culinary sectors. Utilize our admission counselling services to submit an application to any of the following nations: Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Georgia, Denmark, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, and Poland.

There are many reasons why a students would choose to study in Europe, below you can find a few of benefits that a European education can offer.


Most educators will agree that learning is not limited to the walls of the classroom, but that experiences out in the “real world” are just as significant. University has always been an opportunity for students to expose themselves to different ideas and ways of thinking. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is by coming into contact with those who are different than you, and the close proximity of European borders makes this exceptionally easy.


While programs offered by EUC universities are taught entirely in English, living in a foreign country will still come with the opportunity to learn a new language. Language courses are also a commonplace on our campuses. You can practice the theory of a language in the classroom, then put it into action as you run errands around town and interact with the locals.


With a degree from a European institution international graduates are given a grace period to look for work in their host country and easily obtain a work permit. This is an exceptional benefit that allows new graduates to gain experience working with international markets – a valued trait by multinational companies in a globalized world.


For those who have a passport that requires visas to enter particular European countries, the student residents permit that you will receive allows you to skip this process when travelling to countries that are in the Schengen area. This means that you can easy take weekend trips to a different country without completing tedious paperwork. Thanks to the low budget airlines and safe hostels, it is also quite affordable to travel within Europe.


With a large number of international students on EUC campuses, you will have classmates that come from countries all around the world. The connections that you make in college should last for the rest of your life, and they can also play a significant role in your career. Grow a network that spans across borders.


All of the universities in the EUC are fully accredited by the ministry of education in the country where they are located. This accreditation means that students do not run into problems later on when they are searching for a master’s degree in a different country or starting their career.

Popular Countries

There are some popular countries to study abroad that most of the people select. Such popular countries are

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