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What is IELTS?

IELTS is the most popular, convenient, and essential English language test that has to be cleared by non-native English speakers. Candidates are assessed in four different departments.

Four branches where the examinee has to show his proficiency are:

Candidates are assessed in each department by certified IELTS examiners.


- Developing high skills in all the four fields.

- Brushing up your Language skills through intensive preparation by our senior IELTS training faculty.

- Our focus is not only on preparing you academically but also boosting up your confidence that will help you to cope up in a new environment.

- Our counsellors provide you with detailed information so that you can choose the best for yourself.

What you should expect for your training from Broadway Overseas Education:

- Unique and a comprehensive IELTS programme

- Experienced faculty with a proven success record

- Exclusive and extensive study material

- Personalised assistance

- Excellent infrastructure which includes a well-equipped library with the latest books and cassettes/CDs on IELTS.


We understand that every individual is different and so is his or her requirement from an IELTS training programme. Incorporating this into our research we have formulated different types of batches to allow you the flexibility to choose what is just right for yourself. Our batches include.

IELTS Scores of our Students

Desai Mo. Qaasim - 7.0 Band

Shaikh Mo.Mahi A. - 7.0 Band

Qureshi Khadija N. - 7.0 Band

Memon Adina F. - 6.5 Band

Shaikh Amin S. - 6.0 Band

Saiyed Asfiya H. - 6.5 Band

Memon Nihal I. - 6.0 Band

Our Success Stories...

Our Success Lies in Student Happiness. This are some precious reviews of our Students who went abroad from Broadway Overseas Education.

Popular Countries

There are some popular countries to study abroad that most of the people select. Such popular countries are

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